Curriculum Vitae

  • Employment

    • May 2016 – Present: Data Scientist

      Analysis of large data-sets to identify trends to allow appropriate business decisions.

      • Querying petabyte-scale data using Hadoop and related tools such as Hive and Spark to answer business questions.
      • Working with decision-makers to suggest practical actions, and ways to quantitatively test their success.
      • Extensive experience implementing A/B testing at scale to measure small effects, and analysing experimentation practices to improve results
      • Contributed internal tools, and started and currently organise weekly knowledge sharing events.
    • Sep 2015 – Apr 2016: Software Developer


      Development of a web platform providing visualization and analysis of geo-spatial data.

      • Back-end development using Django, front-end development on the single-page application, and deployment with Amazon Web Services
      • Independently drove project to create a tool for interactive analysis of geo-spatial data by users, through Python and Pandas.
  • Education

    • 2011 – 2015: PhD in Soft Condensed Matter Physics

      University of Edinburgh

      • Thesis on The collective dynamics of self-propelled particles in confining environments, that is, on the movement of large numbers of bacteria in enclosed spaces such as water droplets.
      • Code written mainly in Python, interfaced with numerics written in C.
      • Close collaboration with theoretical physicists and experimental biologists.
      • Interdisciplinary work of interest to audiences ranging from statistical physics to molecular biology.
      • Publication of work in Soft Matter, and on the front cover of Physical Review Letters.
    • 2007 – 2011: MPhys in Theoretical Physics

      Van Mildert College, Durham University

      • Graduated First Class with Honours.
      • Thesis on Computational Analysis of Shear Banding in Shear Startup and LAOS Regimes, that is, on the complex behaviour of polymeric fluids as they flow.
      • Contributed to publication in Physical Review Letters.
  • Skills

    • Software Development

      • Operating Systems

        Entirely comfortable in Linux, MacOS and Windows environments.

      • Version control

        Used Git and Mercurial extensively in and out of work.

      • Programming languages

        Extremely capable using Python, having used it for diverse applications such as web scraping, web applications, numerical simulations and language parsing. I've also experience using Javascript, C++ and Go.

      • Back-end web development

        Proficient with Django and Flask web frameworks through my work at Ecometrica as well as personal projects.

      • Front-end web development

        Familiar with typical front-end technologies through working on a single-page application at Ecometrica.

      • Databases

        Experience with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases; NoSQL databases MongoDB and Redis, and metric storage database Graphite.

      • Amazon Web Services

        Experience using AWS for database storage (RDS), caching (Elasticache), storage (S3), hosting (EC2) and task scheduling (Lambda).

      • Scientific and numerical computing

        Frequently used software such as Numpy, Scipy, Cython in my Masters' and PhD.

      • Theory

        Familiar with complexity theory, algorithm analysis and data structures.

    • Data Science

      • Analysing data-sets

        At ease using Hadoop ecosystem tools: Hive, Spark, Oozie, and Pandas.

      • Data visualization

        Skilled making plots and dashboards using Matplotlib, Bokeh, d3.js, Grafana and Tableau.

      • Machine learning

        Familiar with typical models such as regression, naïve Bayes and random forests. Experience implementing these with Scikit-learn, and H2O. Have also implemented neural networks for image classification using Tensor Flow.

  • Experience

    • 2011 – 2015: Teaching

      • Taught version control, Python and Linux skills to PhD students at two-day Software Carpentry Boot Camps in Edinburgh and Bath.
      • Employed as a teaching assistant during my PhD, leading tutorial discussions and helping undergraduate students in problem workshops.
    • 2011 – 2015: Academic communication

    • 2012 – Present: Personal projects

      • Re-implementated the document preparation language TeX in Python.
      • Created Transcrypt, a plugin for the text editor Sublime Text to allow in-place text encryption.
      • Wrote Sneezly, an event logging service with a chat bot front-end.
    • 2013 – Present: Open source contributions

      Contributed to various projects, including Pandas, knitpy and Jupyter.